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"People don't plan to fail. They fail to plan." ~ Mark McCormack

Image by Joshua Hoehne

What is your Money Mindset

  • Spending money to impress is a normal lifestyle.

  • Is my "Net Worth = Self Worth"?

  • Do I "Work to Live" or "Live to Work"?

  • Wealth creation is all about how much you're Earning, not about what you're Saving.

  • Spending money before Earning it is a Way of Life.

  • Is money your Master or is it a Servant?

  • Money is the key to Happiness.


"A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step." ~ Lao Tzu


Money doesn't grow on trees. Reaching your goals and achieving financial independence requires a Money Mindset that includes education, planning, adjusting, and discipline. Asking the right questions about your relationship with money is the beginning of altering the trajectory that leads to financial freedom. 

Money Mindset Leadership Lessons:

  • Money Relationship - Explore to understand your relationship with money and how it shapes your spending and saving choices.

  • Personal Finance - Learn the basics of financial planning from asset accumulation, asset protection, and asset preservation.

  • Budgeting - Realistically evaluate where you are now and where you want to go. Control and create a blueprint towards achieving and realizing the vision of your future!

  • Life & Financial Goal Setting - Your life is a story. And YOU are the Author! When it becomes clear how you'd like your story to play out and end, you get to write it. 


Analysing the Numbers

Through personalize coaching sessions, you'll be able to gain confidence as you create a plan to achieve your financial goals. You'll be in control by putting the necessary pieces in place to tackle the financial demands at every season of your life, with the ultimate goal of financial peace and independence! 

"Top 15 Things Money Can't Buy" ~ Roy T. Bennett

  1. Time

  2. Happiness

  3. Inner Peace

  4. Integrity

  5. Love

  6. Character

  7. Manners

  8. Health

  9. Respect

  10. Morals

  11. Trust

  12. Patience

  13. Class

  14. Common sense

  15. Dignity 

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