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"Go out of your way to seize growth opportunities as if your future depends on it." ~ John C. Maxwell

"Jonathan worked with my team at the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce. He took us through the Leadership Game and it was an amazing way to learn more about my team, develop better communication, and learn the strengths, gaps, and opportunities for growth in the organization.


With a better understanding of my co-workers, it creates better communication habits and leads to more productivity! I fully recommend Jonathan as Leadership Coach to any organization."

~ Nicholas Kaspar, President/CEO at Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce

Jonathan serves as a mentor for Ascend UC Davis, a student business and leadership organization. He has served as a great resource for us, sharing his experiences and giving fruitful advice to college students.


Last month, he introduced the Leadership Game, where we got to learn more about our inner leaders and about each other in an interactive way. From this, we gained a deeper understanding of what a good leader is and what leadership qualities we had within us. His expertise in leadership development has allowed us to reach new heights as student leaders of a top organization.

~Justine Tso

"Jonathan is a true leader with a wealth of knowledge and experience shaped from his diverse experience within a Fortune 50 organization. I had the pleasure of working directly with Jonathan for many years, executing effective recruiting strategies and projects. Jonathan is a dynamic, engaging speaker with an innate talent for connecting with people. He excels at helping individuals with leadership development, building capabilities, and achieving personal growth.


Jonathan is a leader, mentor, coach, thought partner, innovator, and a champion. His positive outlook on life with its endless possibilities is infectious and motivating." 


~ Elizabeth Smith, SPHR, SHRM-SCP - Manager, Physician Recruitment and Integration

"Jonathan and Malou have had a great impact on our lives. From the moment Marcia and I met the Ybañez’s, my wife and I knew they were a special couple with a lot to offer. They are both warm and friendly and full of incredible insights.

We had the opportunity to participate in a DISC presentation over a period of a few weeks recently with them. We took the assessment along with a few other couples, and then Jonathan led us through what our scores meant and how we could use the DISC personality tool to better understand relational situations. Our sessions were thought provoking, fun, and mixed with a lot of anecdotal stories. We laughed a lot too. This tool has helped my wife and I understand ourselves more deeply and understand others. I highly recommend that you hire Jonathan and Malou to coach you."


~ Rick and Marcia Crawford




"When I first met Jonathan, I was at a very low point in my life. I had an instant connection with Jonathan's compassionate personality and wisdom. I don't think I've ever been able to so quickly change my mindset and gain clarity as quickly as I have since meeting Jonathan and attending his LIVE2LEAD developmental conference.

As a Coach, Jonathan truly connects in a caring and non-judging way while mirroring just the right questions so that one can gain perspective and answer one's own concerns. The conference gave me the courage to look at parts of my life that needed growth and see where I was limiting myself. I found myself today in a difficult conversation with an acquaintance and walked away feeling belittled.

I reviewed my notes from LIVE2LEAD and recalled that I had the choice to either 'Be Bitter or Be Better' after that conversation. I chose BETTER! Thank you Jonathan for your service and helping me grow as a person so I can receive and handle more in this beautiful world!"

~ M. Roberts

"I was very fortunate to attend Jonathan's John Maxwell seminar in March of 2017. It was a 4-week seminar series on REAL Success. Did not know what to expect but I've always wanted to learn new ways to be a better leader so I gave it a try. It was definitely worth my time!


Jonathan came off as a very warm and genuine person. I felt instantly connected with him. The way he explained the concepts of Leadership was very easy to understand and he was able to make it relatable. I was able to see how applying these principles could help me as a leader in my own business.

I strongly recommend Jonathan's seminars for those who are looking for personal development as well as professional development. The investment will definitely be worthwhile."

~ Thieu Pham, Software Engineer

"Jonathan not only coaches with insight and professionalism, he coaches with an insightful heart. He has years of business experience that enables him to work with a wide variety of individuals and companies. Jonathan helped me up-level my business action plan and empowered me to take action!"

~ Jo Whipp, Coach & Speaker

As the mentor of Ascend UC Davis, Jonathan is always willing to help us from finding a job or internship to communication and leadership skills. He is a great mentor on improving our members' communication style.


In Winter quarter, Jonathan introduced to us four different kinds of communication styles, leading us to find out who we are and how we can better communicate with other. This communication impact workshop is really useful for us to figure out how to use the right way of communication. His mentorship allows our members to better pursue our career!

~ Wenru (Wendy Shi)



"I attended Jonathan's REAL Success seminar a few weeks ago and it was absolutely wonderful. I read John Maxwell's book multiple times but was not able to fully absorb what he has to offer.


Jonathan made the materials very easy to understand. Each seminar he hosted, he focused on one of the REAL lessons and taught me how to work on each area.

Highly recommend even if you are familiar with Maxwell's work!"

~ Long Hoang, Marketing Director

"Sometimes you win, Sometimes you learn" ... sometimes you have the best time playing John Maxwell's Leadership Game with other supportive and purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs and Male Allies from across industries.

I'm so glad I won the facilitation of this game at Women in Business Leadership Group!

Thank you @Jonathan Ybañez - Leadership Whisperer • MPWR Enterprises LLC -- and 1st male Ally speaker at WIBLG -- for insightfully facilitating the game ... 

Also , thanks for giving more Entrepreneurs -- not just corporate teams -- the opportunity to explore in a super fun and impactful way, what being the best leader in our business means, speak through challenges, share best practices and cheer each other on!

I also loved experiencing first hand how John Maxwell gamified leadership ... and I am a big fan of having more adults and teams learn through games (so powerful).

I would definitely recommend that anyone who wants to step up as a leader in their industry, in their volunteer work or who wants to accelerate their team to be tight-knit faster ... play this!

If I still had a playing card, I'd give you another "Right on"!

Josephine Hanan, CEO/Founder of Promote Her Business 

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