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"True leadership begins at home. When we transform our homes, we can transform our communities. When we transform our communities, we can transform our country. When we transform our country, we can transform the world!"

What happens when you marry the experiences and knowledge of Dr. Deborah Tillman (Lifetime TV America's Supernanny, Child Development and Parent Educator) with John C. Maxwell's global and time-tested leadership lessons? You get the advice, guidance, and wisdom of over 50 years in the equipping, empowerment, and sustained growth of parents, children and families. There is no greater gift than connection and the joy of having meaningful relationships!

Learn, grow, and thrive together as a family in this exclusive program created from Dr. Deborah Tillman's methods aligned with John Maxwell's values and principles of leadership, character development, and communication. Parents and families will become EQUIPPED, EMPOWERED, and EXPANDED to effectively lead their homes with this powerful combination. This intensive program is systematic to enable transformation that begins from within to create healthy and engaged families. 

Three Phases of the John Maxwell Team Parenting and Family Program:

  1. EQUIP ME - Preparing the Soil

    • We will journey through the 10 Core Principles to building a strong, vibrant, purpose-driven, and effective family. It starts with the encouragement of parents loving themselves from the inside/out. This moves us towards the goal of helping children become more of themselves as they discover and seek to reach their potential.​

  2. EMPOWER ME - Planting Seeds of Greatness​​

    • Parents are the biggest influencers in their children's lives. Understanding each family member's roles, expectations, and abilities to add value to one another is empowering! We will cover 10 practices to model and apply towards the creating  a nurturing family culture and environment.

  3. EXPAND ME - Producing Life Changing Results

    • Building upon the first two phases, we will go deeper into developing the essential parenting qualities to produce meaningful and strong family relationships. By being intentional and living out the lessons, we create the relationships we have always desired and help our children thrive to reach their fullest potential!​

Happy Family

"Parenting is Leadership, Leadership is Parenting"

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